Defenses for Cocaine-Related Crimes

Possession or trafficking of cocaine are major crimes in the United States, with strictly enforced repercussions. The United States government spends billions of dollars every year trying to crack down on drug crimes and incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. Despite your personal opinion on the success of the war on drugs, it can still affect your life if you choose to sell or use illegal drugs, especially highly addictive drugs such as cocaine.

Punishment for trafficking of cocaine can equal life imprisonment, while a first possession charge can still land you a year in jail and cost you thousands of dollars. These penalties can be harsh, especially when you consider that they are for people who are struggling with addiction.

If you are arrested for possession or trafficking of cocaine, the most important thing you can do is stay calm and contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Unfortunately, because the government is so dead-set on stopping drug crimes, law enforcement may not always be relied upon to conduct fair investigations, and harmful assumptions about your case can go unchecked all the way through the courtroom without the help of a knowledgeable drug crime defense lawyer.

It’s not an insult to your intelligence or capabilities to say that you are not able to defend your rights as well as a lawyer can. A lawyer who has experience with drug crime defense knows the tricks law enforcement uses, as well as their shortcuts. They have seen people get taken advantage of before, and they know how to ensure that that doesn’t happen to you. Namely, your lawyer will be paying attention to whether law enforcement pushed the boundaries of the Fourth Amendment (making sure they didn’t break search and seizure laws).

In many cases, law enforcement unlawfully searches a suspect’s home or property, which gives the defense a case for lessening the sentence or overthrowing the case entirely. According to Bruno Law Offices, the four main cocaine charge defenses are:

  • Entrapment
    • This is when law enforcement entices a person to commit a crime that they would likely not have committed otherwise.
  • Drugs Belong to Someone Else
    • Sometimes, the wrong person is arrested for a crime, especially when there are many people involved.
  • Unlawful Search and Seizure
    • Law enforcement officers have to abide by the rules outlined in the Fourth Amendment regarding search and seizure of property.
  • Missing Drugs
    • Law enforcement has to be able to present the drugs that the suspect is accused of possessing or trafficking. If they can’t, they may not have a case.

Drug defense lawyers are important to making sure everyone who is accused of a drug-related crime is both fairly heard in court and fairly sentenced if they’re convicted.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

Have you ever wondered how the court system plays out on a day to day basis? I don’t go to court too often myself, but I was wondering how a standard DUI or criminal case goes since there are so many to deal with. I found an informative website for the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter. This law office specifically specializes in DUI cases but also can handle other criminal cases as well. They have a good reputation and have handled many cases for clients that have been charged with a DUI.

The website made the case that you definitely need a lawyer if you are going to have a chance to fight charges in a court of law. In order to fight charges like a DUI, the defendant needs to prove why they deserve to have the charges dropped, which can happen for a variety of different reasons that I had never considered. For example, the police might not have conducted a proper stop or might not have collected the correct evidence. The police might not even have had an acceptable reason to pull you over in the first place. If the police make any of these mistakes, it is possible to have the charges reduced or dropped, regardless of the other facts of the case. However, the average person doesn’t know about these mistakes or the many others that could have been made by the police. Also, saying the police person made a mistake and proving it are two entirely different things. Defendants that simply stake their word against the word of a police officer tend to lose their cases.

Additionally, if a defendant were to get charged with a DUI because they chose to represent themselves instead of seeking a lawyer, they will have significant expenses and consequences in the present and the future. They might need to find a new job, but having a DUI can make it harder to find a new job as well. There are also personal implications when explaining the situation to close friends and family. It’s important to have a lawyer that has experience in handling these cases instead of trying to learn enough to handle the case yourself because of the potential consequences that come with being convicted.

In regards to DUI specifically, I learned from the website that the tests that police do to determine if you were driving drunk can be unfair toward certain people. These tests are subjective and if you are asked to take one, the police person often already assumes that you are intoxicated. If they already think that, then they are likely to see indications of intoxication that aren’t actually there. During the sobriety tests, officers look for things like smooth eye movement and the ability to balance, but there are many things other than intoxication that can keep people from having balance or smooth eye movement. Nerves related to the high stakes sobriety test can affect these abilities, not to mention a variety of health conditions. A person should not be held responsible for DUI if they have a health condition preventing them from succeeding in a field sobriety test. I learned that it’s best to refuse these tests when they are requested even if you are not at all intoxicated.

How Factoring Is Making Trucking a More Appealing Job Option

The recent improvements in the economy have been great for many businesses, but these same improvements are leading to serious issues in the trucking industry. Truck companies are finding it difficult to find enough drivers to move their freight. This is a big problem not just for those companies but for the whole national economy. After all, if trucking slows down enough, other businesses will begin to suffer as they can’t get items moved fast enough. Emptier store shelves, slower deliveries from Internet of Things businesses, and delays in assembling complex products because of delays in shipping may all cause this economy to start to crumble.

It’s great news, then, that factoring has become an increasingly popular tool for truckers. One of the difficulties truckers have had in the past is keeping their finances in order. There may be times when there just isn’t enough freight in certain areas, or when freight has to be shipped without any chance of an advance. These difficulties are part of what turns potential truckers away from the industry. Not only does the job require long hours and time away from home, it can come with difficulties like meeting fuel requirements in order to get the freight delivered and get paid.

Factoring businesses have stepped into this void to help provide more security and upfront income to truckers. Factoring companies like TBS Factoring Services offer incredibly low rates and can now do same day cash invoices. They also provide fuel advances and can help businesses find more freight to deliver. In other words, they step in and remove the insecurity surrounding the job.

At the same time, factoring is becoming a faster service that no longer comes with long-term requirements that might dissuade a struggling trucker from using the service.

While this doesn’t solve the whole problem the trucking industry is experiencing, it certainly creates a more attractive work option than truckers are used to. As trucking companies continue to step up and factoring businesses expand their presence, new truckers will be able to find better-paying jobs with more secure payments, and more opportunities to deliver freight along the routes that are best for them.

With luck, this will stem the loss of truckers in the industry and keep store shelves filled and products delivered in a timely fashion.

While we all see trucks on the road every day, few of us realize just how important the industry is to keeping the whole American economy running. Without trucks, some of the biggest businesses in the country would very quickly fall into very serious financial difficulties. America lacks a sufficient rail system and is too large for shipping to handle much of the transporting.

In other words, we need trucking companies flourishing. Now that factoring is expanding further into the business and providing more security for truckers, we can hope more people will be attracted to the profession and keep our businesses running smoothly.

Forms of domestic violence

Many people don’t realize actually what domestic violence means. For most, the image that comes to mind is something out of the Shining: an angry man stalking the halls, perhaps a weapon in hand, while the family cowers, afraid of the next blow.

While everyone would recognize this sort of extreme physical abuse as violence that must be stopped, many do not know that that is not the full extent of what we mean by domestic violence, either in practice or law.

Physical violence can, in fact, be much less obvious or dramatic. It can include simply holding someone’s wrist in order to keep them with you when they have asked to be let go. It can include hair pulling, slaps, pushes, pokes, scratches, bites, or holding someone down, among other forms.

Even this is not the limit of the definition, however.

There are, in fact, many ways a spouse or partner could be abusive in the home. The violence may not be towards the person but could instead by towards property. If the person grows angry and starts breaking objects around the house, that is considered a form of domestic violence.

Such acts don’t even have to be physical. Excessive profanity and loud arguing can also be considered violence, especially if they are accompanied by threats or intimidation, although these are not required to meet the definition.

The reason the definition is so broad is that it is difficult to protect people in homes where domestic violence is taking place. A husband, to give an example, may never physically harm his wife or child, but he may still create an environment of violence and suffering for his family in which they are afraid, intimidated, and psychologically abused.

In order to give that family the ability to get the help they need, the laws are constructed in such a way to protect them from the husband and father.

This should not be taken to mean that everyone who has ever lost their temper is guilty of domestic violence. Arguing and swearing are normal parts of relationships, even if they are the least desirable parts. It is not necessarily the singular act of loud arguing but the degree and regularity of the act.

Once loud arguments and profanity become regular and particularly violent, then it is possible for the state to step in to protect the objects of that violence.

It is, of course, of primary concern that the accusers are kept safe but of no less concern that those who have been accused are given proper channels to contest any actions taken by the state and to defend themselves. Lawyers are available for council and defense of all parties.

It is hoped that all cases can be handled safely and fairly with a regard for what is best for all parties (but especially children).

No matter the type of abuse taking place in the home, if you ever feel unsafe for yourself or your children, do not hesitate to contact the proper authorities. There are no limits on what domestic violence can be, except a question of if you feel safe or not.

Haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium

If the thought of encountering the supernatural is an adventure you do not want to pass, then visiting the Waverly Hills Sanatorium should be on the top of your list. Nestled on the southwestern part of Louisville, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium has a long history of haunting and the supernatural. It is interesting to know how it began and how it came to be considered as one of the most haunted place in the United States.

Purchased by Maj. Thomas H. Hays as a family home, he put up a school for his daughters to go to. It was during this time that the place became known as Waverly Hill. The great tuberculosis outbreak in the early 20th century paved the way for Waverly Hills to become a wooden sanatorium to house patients who were considered in their early stages of the disease. However because of overcrowding, a new hospital was made and opened in order to house the growing number of patients. Because of the unavailability of the tuberculosis medicine, a great number of these patients died while in the hospital.

After the tuberculosis treatment made the disease decline, the hospital was closed down in 1961, but was reopened as a sanatorium a year later. Reports of mistreatment, abuse, and unusual practices (some proven false, while some was sadly true) lead to budget cuts and eventually it was abandoned entirely in 1982. The long history of pain, agony, and death in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium has led to its reputation as Louisville’s most haunted place.

There are a number of ghost stories that are being passed along about Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Room 502, for example, is rumored to house a ghost of a nurse who hanged herself after discovering that she was pregnant while unmarried. Another nurse was believed to have committed suicide. She was reported to have worked on room 502 before jumping off the top of the building. Other stories include shadows and doors slamming, a girl with no eyes and a boy playing his leather ball, a hearse driving coffins, as well as screaming and disembodied voices. If you are for a good haunting tour, then going to Louisville would be your best bet.

Moto GP World Championships Coming Soon

Thinking about taking a quick trip over the next few weeks for a bit of well-deserved bit of rest and fun? Why not head on over to Austin, Texas and catch the Moto GP World Championships for yourself?

The Moto GP World Championships – also known as the Texas Grand Prix – is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for motorsports enthusiasts all over the world. It will be hosted in the Circuit of the Americas – an over 1500 acre patch of land just outside downtown Austin that has played home to some of the biggest events for racing, action, and music since 2012.

There is something to do for everyone as this is a town known for keeping things weird and fresh and new! There is always something to do and you can be rest assured of a star-studded attendance as this center of all things hip and happening has been graced with performances by big time artists! The Moto GP will take place from the tenth until the twelfth of April this year so there’s still time to plan and book ahead – but there’s no time to lose if you want to make it and not miss any of the most exciting parts of what is sure to be an amazing experience!

Catch the Moto GP World Championships in style and get yourself ready for the greatest ride of your life!

Reported Adverse Effects Associated with the da Vinci Surgical System

The introduction of the da Vinci Surgical System in the year 2000, after the US Food and Drug Administration approved its use for minimally invasive operations, is a major advancement in the area of surgical procedures. The device’s capability to make tiny incisions accurately and with great precision, as well as eliminate the possibility of infection on the surgical site, are factors any surgeon ought to recognize.

Despite the claims of Intuitive Surgical Inc., the manufacturer of the da Vinci, that the device is safe and technically sound, claims of adverse effects continue to rise and accusing fingers all point to the da Vinci as the cause. The da Vinci Surgical System is actually a multi-armed surgical machine that was designed to help surgeons around the world perform minimally invasive surgeries with the highest rates of success.

The machine is now being used in Europe, Japan and in a majority of the hospitals across the US. In 2012 more than 300,000 surgeries (using the device) were performed in the US; adding the numbers from other parts of the globe, the total would reach at least half a million. Intuitive Surgical Inc. proudly claims that those procedures have been carried out successfully.

During surgery, a surgeon, who is seated some feet away from the patient, takes control of the da Vinci. The device provides him/her with a magnified 3D image of the surgical site. He/She operates the robot’s arms using a console. Each arm holds an instrument, including an endoscope (a tiny camera). The multiple tiny incisions made by the surgeon are just big enough for the endoscope and the instruments to penetrate the patient’s body. These incisions, which are a few millimeters in length (as contrasted to open/traditional/invasive surgery where 4-inch incisions are sometimes made), mean lesser pain, reduced blood loss and faster healing.

A research headed by surgeon Dr. Martin Makary at Johns Hopkins, however, claims of coming across unreported incidences of deaths due to the device. The FDA too has received reports of about 245 adverse effects caused by the da Vinci system. But whether it is really the machine at fault or the surgeon due to lack of training and familiarity with the machine, the issue is yet to be settled.

Some of the issues reported regarding the ill-effects to patients during surgeries, include:

  • Mechanical failure before the start of the surgery
  • Puncture on the colon during prostatectomy
  • Death of a patient after a spleen surgery
  • Death of a patient during a hysterectomy due to an accidental of a blood vessel
  • A robot’s arm accidentally hitting a patient’s face
  • Internal bleeding, infection, burns and tears

Despite these reports patients who need to undergo surgeries continue to flock hospitals where there is a da Vinci device. Likewise, many surgeons continue to laud the machine, which ensures greater precision and a clearer visibility.

Medical Malpractice Resulting in Traumatic Deliveries

Doctors and all health care personnel are required to provide patients or clients with quality service all the time; yet, more than this, they are obliged to always make the correct diagnosis and prescribe correct, safe medication. Though mistakes may be committed at times, these mistakes, though, should never cause any ill effects that would only make the patient suffer more, physically as well as financially.

Serious medical errors, which are results of negligence or carelessness, can lead to severe injuries and, sometimes, even death. Surely, no patient deserves this painful eventuality! However, medical mistakes are realities and they happen almost every day, everywhere. Though patients, who are victims of these errors, fight for their rights, they can accomplish almost nothing since they go against people or institutions with good and well-experienced lawyers.

Medical malpractice attorneys are the best legal representations available to you, on the hand, people who are determined to put up a tough fight in defense of your and other victims’ rights. They are knowledgeable, experienced, committed to your cause and, more importantly, just a phone call away. They can also help you in any of the many cases of medical errors, including birth and brain injuries, wrong or late diagnosis, hospital negligence, anesthesia accidents, surgical errors, medication errors.

One of the most painful results of medical error, which the victim and his or her family will have to live with, is birth injury. If a child is born with defects, what ought to be one of the happiest moments in a couple’s life can turn suddenly and severely painful. Cerebral palsy, brachial plexus / erb’s palsy, cephalohematoma, brain and spinal damage and newborn infections are only a few of the recorded defects suffered by the newly born. Yet, there is another cause of severe birth defect – traumatic delivery, a result of the physician’s negligent or careless management of labor and delivery.

Do not be afraid in seeking justice for harms done, even by doctors. Had you been the one who has offended them, they would surely file a case against you too. Filing a lawsuit against the liable party is a legal right and, therefore, correct. It could also merit you the compensation you deserve because of the grave harm done.

Residents of Senior Citizen Building Accused of Drug Use, Prostitution

Residents of Tibbs Senior Building in Englewood are being accused of a variety of drug crimes and allowing residents and nonresidents to engage in acts of prostitution in their apartments.

Two women have been arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. The most common drug being used in the senior citizen building that housed men and women whose ages range from 50 to the late 70s was crack cocaine.

One man has been charged with maintaining a nuisance by allowing people to enter his apartment to use drugs and engage in sexual acts with prostitutes.

The accused criminal activity made the uninvolved residents fearful of using common areas. Police have been receiving complaints from the residents for the better part of a year now. They sent in undercover officers to examine the situation and have regained the building for residents who live by the rules.

How Alimony is Determined

Alimony is a payment made from one divorcing spouse to another after the separation is finalized. Alimony is typically awarded to a former spouse who may not be able to sustain himself or herself. There are numerous aspects of the relationship that factor into how long an individual will receive alimony and how much alimony will be received.

Alimony payments One of the first considerations the court makes when determining whether or not a person will be awarded alimony is how much income he or she earns before and after the divorce. Many women stay home to raise the children. This is rewarding, but it causes them to miss out on valuable job experience, meaning it often makes it difficult for them to find high-paying jobs when they return to the workforce.

The court also considers how long the marriage lasted, parental responsibilities, each spouse’s education, and their ages when it determines alimony. In many cases alimony payments last for a number of years, but there are instances where divorced individuals are ordered to make alimony payments for the rest of their lives.

Divorce is a difficult process with a lot of pain and complexity. Many people seek the guidance of an attorney to help them fight for a fair, equitable divorce.