Benzene and Its Harmful Effects

Pharmaceutical and chemical companies have an enormous social responsibility in making sure that the products and chemicals they produce are safe. If any of their manufactured products has a side-effect, it is essential that they provide warning labels alerting potential consumers to the dangers which they may face when using the product.

When defective and highly hazardous pharmaceutical and chemical products are discovered, they are usually recalled and banned from distribution, oftentimes by the manufacturers themselves. Manufacturers should take responsibility for any complications that their products may cause, including financial responsibility. Consumers who have been affected or harmed by faulty or dangerous pharmaceutical and chemical products have the right to file a product liability lawsuit and receive compensation from the manufacturer for their financial losses and the unexpected costly medical treatment they may have had to undergo.

One chemical product that can cause great harm due to prolonged exposure is Benzene, a component of emissions and fuels and a widely-used chemical in the manufacture of synthetic fibers, plastics, and other consumer products. Most of those who are exposed to and affected by benzene are those working in shipyards, refineries, chemical plants, and the construction industry.

The health hazards that may be suffered by those exposed to benzene include acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), aplastic anemia, myelodysplasia, non-hodgkins lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. The consequences of these types of conditions can be devastating or even fatal, and typically require long, costly medical treatment in order to restore the patient’s health.

Those who develop a medical condition as a result of exposure to benzene may be entitled to pursue financial compensation for their injuries if it can be shown that their exposure was caused by recklessness or negligence on the part of others. Personal injury attorneys can help benzene exposure victims to determine whether they may be entitled to take legal action in pursuit of compensation.

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