Haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium

If the thought of encountering the supernatural is an adventure you do not want to pass, then visiting the Waverly Hills Sanatorium should be on the top of your list. Nestled on the southwestern part of Louisville, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium has a long history of haunting and the supernatural. It is interesting to know how it began and how it came to be considered as one of the most haunted place in the United States.

Purchased by Maj. Thomas H. Hays as a family home, he put up a school for his daughters to go to. It was during this time that the place became known as Waverly Hill. The great tuberculosis outbreak in the early 20th century paved the way for Waverly Hills to become a wooden sanatorium to house patients who were considered in their early stages of the disease. However because of overcrowding, a new hospital was made and opened in order to house the growing number of patients. Because of the unavailability of the tuberculosis medicine, a great number of these patients died while in the hospital.

After the tuberculosis treatment made the disease decline, the hospital was closed down in 1961, but was reopened as a sanatorium a year later. Reports of mistreatment, abuse, and unusual practices (some proven false, while some was sadly true) lead to budget cuts and eventually it was abandoned entirely in 1982. The long history of pain, agony, and death in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium has led to its reputation as Louisvilleā€™s most haunted place.

There are a number of ghost stories that are being passed along about Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Room 502, for example, is rumored to house a ghost of a nurse who hanged herself after discovering that she was pregnant while unmarried. Another nurse was believed to have committed suicide. She was reported to have worked on room 502 before jumping off the top of the building. Other stories include shadows and doors slamming, a girl with no eyes and a boy playing his leather ball, a hearse driving coffins, as well as screaming and disembodied voices. If you are for a good haunting tour, then going to Louisville would be your best bet.

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