How Alimony is Determined

Alimony is a payment made from one divorcing spouse to another after the separation is finalized. Alimony is typically awarded to a former spouse who may not be able to sustain himself or herself. There are numerous aspects of the relationship that factor into how long an individual will receive alimony and how much alimony will be received.

Alimony payments One of the first considerations the court makes when determining whether or not a person will be awarded alimony is how much income he or she earns before and after the divorce. Many women stay home to raise the children. This is rewarding, but it causes them to miss out on valuable job experience, meaning it often makes it difficult for them to find high-paying jobs when they return to the workforce.

The court also considers how long the marriage lasted, parental responsibilities, each spouse’s education, and their ages when it determines alimony. In many cases alimony payments last for a number of years, but there are instances where divorced individuals are ordered to make alimony payments for the rest of their lives.

Divorce is a difficult process with a lot of pain and complexity. Many people seek the guidance of an attorney to help them fight for a fair, equitable divorce.

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