Mediated Divorce

There are many things that can happen while going through a divorce. It is complicated, and could cost money. One option divorcing spouses can do to lessen their expenses and speed up the divorce process is through a mediated divorce.

A mediated divorce means that both spouses meet with a third party mediator – often appointed by the court – and discuss the issues that need to be accomplished in order for the divorce to be finalized. The appointed mediator is neutral, which means he or she does not give advice or act as a lawyer to any of the spouses. They can suggest or give their own opinions, but mediators are never to force an agreement on the divorcing spouses.

Divorce mediation is voluntary, and can go as long or as short depending on the spouses. Although not required, having your divorce lawyer present is highly endorsed, since they can advice and support you through the divorce proceedings. There are many benefits of having a mediated divorce.

  1. Spouses are more likely to be satisfied with their agreements, process and results, as it takes less time and money than going to a divorce court. With little conflicts and clear agreement, they have little chance of going back to court because of future disagreements.
  2. The divorce stays confidential, as records of the mediated divorce are destroyed after both spouses have made an agreement. All that happened in the mediated divorce only stays within the people involved, as there is no public court proceedings.
  3. Because of the neutrality of the mediator, fairness is given to both spouses. The mediator even helps by being objective and not emotional throughout the process.
  4. A mediated divorce gives total control to the spouses, lowering costs and avoiding conflicts as opposed to going to court. You can move on with your life quicker.

Divorce mediation is a fairly new concept, and most people are still wary of using this method. However, with its many advantages, it is a more beneficial and practical option when you and your spouse have considered ending the relationship.

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